Welcome to AACTEEL office of the Registrar

The office of the registrar is responsible for admission, registration, record keeping, academic status determination, credits evaluations, add/drop cases, certification of graduates, awarding of diploma, setting course and exam schedules and so on.

The college has

Total students AC 2009 E.C  
Section Year M F T
Regular 1st 781 813 1594
2nd 609 576 1185
3rd 701 707 1408
Subtotal 2091 2096 4187
Extension 1st 332 266 598
2nd 121 205 326
3rd 360 237 597
Subtotal 813 708 1521
Summer 1st 68 119 187
2nd 97 505 602
3rd 330 267 597
  Subtotal 495 891 1386
Total 3399 3695 7094

Message from Head Registrar

Registrar serious about student’s success and service delivery. On the drive for quality service delivery as we believe that students are the heart of the college .When concerns are raised interims of service delivery, our responsibility is to get to the root of the problem as quality as possible and work together as a team. We cannot keep saying that it is somebody else’ responsibility. What we do in our portfolio has an impact on somebody else who may be doing his job very well .Therefore it’s imperative for all of us to keep at the back of our minds that we are here as individuals ,but as part of a team.
We are committed to students of our college and promise to put students’ educational needs ahead of everything else students have a variety of needs and we should always be aware of our mandate and responsibility to those who apply and everything is on time for students to deliver service they need. When quires are raised, there must be no uncertainty by the customer about what we expect. From the academic side we must ensure that our office prepares students’ result at the end of each semester as well as any time when it is needed.