Small Grant Researches

     ኮለጅ ትምህርቲ መምህራንን ኣማራርሓ ትምህርትን ዓብይዓዲ


ንኡስ ከይዲ ስራሕ መፅናዕትን ምርምርን ሕትመትን

Research and Publications Sub Process

      Small Grant Competition on Research

As you all know research is a pillar for achieving quality of education. Higher institution teachers are required to enhance their instruction through research. For this reason, so as to improve and up to date the research culture of our college community, our college has introduced many research conference opportunities. Small grant competition is one of the conferences that were introduced in 2007 E.C. This year we are intending to award small grant for seven research works. Therefore, all teachers of our college are cordially invited to conduct research on the following educational areas and   other related areas to those topics are acceptable;

  • Practicum and quality of education
  • Science education
  • Research and quality of education
  • Job satisfaction and leadership style
  • Students discipline and quality of education
  • Teachers turnover in Tigray regional state
  • Bridging courses and quality of education(AACTE)
  • Teacher-pupil interaction and quality of education(AACTE)
  • HDP,ELTIP, networking and related issues
  • Research on Aesthetics and sport science
  • Family, school, community partnership
  • Continuous assessment
  • Research on preschool education

Submission requirements and grants

  • The college will pay an honorarium of birr 4500 to each selected research proposals at the completion of their research works.
  • A required tax will be deducted from the gross amount
  • Research works to be conducted outside of the college, for transport and per-diem expenses up to birr 10,000 will be covered by the college.
  • Interested teachers are required to submit their proposals to the research and publication sub process
  • Deadline for proposal submission is on Tahsas 21/04/2009 E.C
  • Reflection of the selected research works will be on Ginbot 18-19,2009 E.C

For more information please come to the office of Research and publications sub process